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Chevrolet 1945
Ford Deluxe 1947
Ford Fairlane year 1951
Cuba Car 1
Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday 1958
Cuba Car 2
Chevrolet Bel Air 1955
Pontiac Starchief 1955
Cuba’s cars rally
Oldsmobile 55 1955 detail
Buick Special 1955
Ford Failane 1956
Pontiac Bonneville 1961
Cuba Car
Ford-o-matic Continental 1958
Ford Fairlane 1956 detail
Cuba car detail
Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 detail
Cuba’s car detail #2

Cuba is literally a rolling car museum. Everywhere you look is an old-school American brand vehicle, ranging from Oldsmobile to Chevrolet, Buick to Ford and Pontiac. These are all vehicles that the majority of American car lovers would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on—and they are used as Cubans’ everyday vehicles.
I couldn’t resist to dedicate a bit of my photographic attention to this strong visual aspect of the island: would Cuba’s atmosphere be the same without its cars?